Mall of Asia

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Mall of Asia or so called MOA is one of the famous landmark here in Manila. It is also one of the largest malls in the Philippines. The place composed of different stores and branches of famous brands like nike, adidas, under armour etc. All your needs can be found in there in terms of fashion or newly innovated technologies. If you want to have some fun there are many entertaining activities inside. You can watch movies in the IMAX 3D but prepared for high cost payment. If you get hungry there are lots of fast food and restaurants along the way. If your done with the mall you can go to the sea side, more recreational activities are waiting in there. There are bump cars, Moa eye (Ferrris wheel), zip lines etc. If you like to unwind there are lots of bars near the place, most commonly known bar is the Padis Point because they have live bands while enjoying drinking beers together with your friends. What makes this place beautiful is the fireworks, I think every friday, saturday and sunday night they use to lit fireworks for people to enjoy while touring around the place. You can also watch the sunset while sitting on the spots near the Manila bay. If you have some time visit and explore this place.


Fort Santiago, Intramurous

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If you are finding historical places this is the best place to go with. The Fort Santiago was the place wherein Jose Rizal our national hero spent his last days before he was executed. All the vintage items remained in there and until now it was properly maintained and take care. It reminisce the life and culture of Filipino’s during the Spanish times. You can also see their the real El Filibusterismo properly reserved, the different novels, the room where he used to stay that was composed of tables and chairs also he used and his attires. There was a part of Rizal’s spinal bone that is preserved. So this is the place that will lead you back from the 16th century.

Coron, Palawan

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Coron is one of the most visited place by tourists. This place was truly spectacular because it will surprise you in many ways. Its perfefect sceneru that many guest visited for were crystalline waters, white sand beaches, towering limestone cliffs and picturesque remote islands. Other than that Coron also compose of colorful corals and has an adventurous underwater wrecks that makes it the best place fo visit in the country.

Anilao, Beach Resort


It is a popular diving destination in Batangas city. There are lots of activities are ready inside the resort. You can do island hoping pinicking, beach bumming and also diving. It does not conatin white sand but what’s best in this place was there underwater ecosystem. If you want some budgeted and affordable resorts you can visit other resorts near that place.

El Nido, Palawan

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This nature loving place El Nido, Palawan expresses what nature beauty looks like. The place compose of sunning inlets, clear waters beaches and different attractive spots. More than just that this place admired for its steep limestone cliffs and vegetative jungle, that is form impressively a Karst backdrop that is also look-like those who found in Guilin, Krabi and Ha Long Bay.

Human Island, Palawan

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Finding a place to relax and away from crowded people? Then go and spend your getaway at the Human Island Resort. Full of activities are waiting you out there. Properly maintained and conserved crystal clear water. This was define as a Maldivian like resort and this is good for stress people to escape and forget their problem by exploring and discovering experiences. Facilities and cushy accomodation with mouth watering dishes and fun filled adventures, the staffs and employees were very considerate for the treatment of every guest.  

Manila Ocean Park

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Manila Ocean Park is a themed park wherein you will explore the life under the sea. This is a place wherein every family enjoy because of different attractions. You can see inside the different species of animals that you can only find in the bottom of the sea. They are place in a giant aquariums wherein you can see how they move in the water. What I like the most when I visit there was the tunnel, I saw the giant sting ray floating above my head but unluckily I can’t get a perfect spot because it was too crowded. The highlight also of this place was the sea lion show. My niece enjoyed it because of entertaining tricks done by the sea lions, there was also a part where they dances with trainors and I found this cute. So if you want to explore the life under the bottom of the sea, I recommend you to go to this place. Not just enjoyable but also you will learn different trivias. 

Isla Verde, Batangas City


Unlike other beaches in Batangas, Isla Verde is uncommonly place but this what makes the place more beautiful. Many tourist book their vacation in this place to avoid the crowded surrounding. To relax in a peaceful and quiet place. This was known as having a crystal clear water and amazing underwater treasures.  You can enjoy some fun activities like snorkling, hiking, swimming and the most precious sunset viewing. So better to book on this place in this incoming vacation season. 

Laiya, San Juan Batangas


Laiya is a famous beach in sea side community in San Juan Batangas, it also popular in city dweller since its proximitu in Manila. It has long wide strench line, crystal clear water and some fun and exciting activities. It is a tropical paradise that you can enjoy, relax and relieve stress. Most commonly activities they offer are banana boat ride, jetski and flying fish. There are also some affordable inns and lodges near it. 

Padre Pio Church

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Padre Pio Shrine is located at Barangay San Pedro, Santo Tomas Batangas. My family and I went there this morning. The shrine compose of two chapels and the mass alternates between. There has a wide parking a lot if you have your own car when you go there. There are 3 jars place in there wherein you can get holy water but you must bring your own bottle. Souvenir shops are also within that place wherein you can buy it in affordable prices. What is god in there was the blessings before the mass gets over. The priest uses spray gun to shower the people who attended the mass. When going it is a bit traffic because the road is very stip where 1 car at a time can occupy the way. But other than that it was fun to visit that place.